At Hope Church we believe that giving is an important part of our worship.
We don’t give because we have to, we give because we love the One who is the giver of all good things. All giving at Hope Church is discretionary. Tithing’ (giving a percentage, or tenth of your income) is a practical way and biblical way to give, and in all our giving Scripture encourages us to be generous and cheerful. However there is never any compulsion to give.

Ways to give

Sunday Service Giving
An offertory basket will be passed around during each Sunday service.

Online Giving
Online Bill or Automatic Payment. Please use the information below, making sure you enter all the details listed to ensure your payment is processed correctly.
How to enter your details

Your first name

Your surname

Tithe / Offering / Mission / name of what you’re giving for

Our details

Account name
Hope Church Dunedin

SBS Bank Dunedin

Account number

Confidential Giving
If you wish to give confidentially, please contact us to request an envelope tithe number. You can use that instead of your name as we have a system that identifies the “giver” and allocates the amount given to a person’s name, that few people can see.

Want to know more about giving?